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bubzee loveMoon Monster and Bubzee

Shop for Bubzee art with Moon Monster. We have a wide selection of prints and original paintings for sale both online and in our store in Nelson. Check out our online selection and many more pieces in store. Bubzee’s art work varies in size from huge wall hangings to small greeting cards. In addition to her painting talent she also works with screen printing which produce printed patches, tapestries and apparel. Bubzee is a regular supplier at Moon Monster. Through the years we’ve cultivated a rich relationship. Moon Monster has had many art pieces commissioned by Bubzee such as t-shirts, murals, and the periodic window display.

Bubzee Forest ArtWho is Bubzee?

Bubzee is a visual artist. Nurtured in the pristine wilderness of the Slocan Valley, she blossomed into an amazing artist with a unique style. Bubzee’s art has such an original perspective that we often think of her as an ethereal forest creature.

What Kind of Art Does Bubzee Make?bubzee art swan

Bubzee produces many kinds of art work and is well known for her work as a painter. In addition to painting, Bubzee produces amazing screen prints, tapestries, patches, artisan clothing and tattoos. Bubzee’s art is often influenced by her pristine environment. As themes of nature are a common feature. Many of Bubzee’s original works feature real feathers, flower petals and in at least one case wasp nests. Also reoccurring is the image of the grandmother. Urging us to reach deep down and rediscover forgotten wisdom.

bubzee art sheded soaring full view

The world needs more Bubzee. As her art styles vary from the whimsical to sometimes dark themes, her art is sure to provide all of us with a chance to reflect on the human condition. In short Bubzee and her art will have a positive impact on the world.